To implement an effective, sustainable institutional data governance process, the institutional data governance charter is being vetted and reviewed and a data dictionary tool is being developed. Data trustees have been invited to nominate people to the Institutional Data Governance Team and to participate in the advisory committee. A kickoff meeting will occur late spring. To assess the university’s data priorities and provide infrastructure and services to achieve them, discussions are starting with OneIT council leaders and facilitators about developing an institutional data planning process. Business intelligence showcases are being planned for collegiate leadership. Good progress is being made in integrating information silos by collecting data within the data warehouse. Data being integrated includes facilities, parking, procurement and travel, degree audits, and co-curricular engagement. Preparations are underway to implement the Unizin Data Platform for academic data. Pre-and post-award data for research funding are being published, and enough data is available to create a research profile. In support of robust reporting, BI, and analytics solutions to empower data-driven decision-making, the BI Shared Service Center (BISSC) has been helping units with business intelligence staff recruiting and onboarding. The Power BI tool was implemented, and BISSC is working with Microsoft to provide training. BISSC is working with many campus partners to develop BI solutions specific to units’ needs. To increase campus data literacy and awareness, MAUI data stewards will be partners in developing data and utilization training that will be used as a pilot framework for other data domains. To promote the Campus Data Portal as the authoritative source for institutional data, a Campus Data Portal service owner has been identified, and an advisory board is being formed. A BISSC newsletter was launched to share information, and campus data publishing resources are being developed, including links to data dictionaries and cross-linking data within the portal.