What is a Project?

A project is a temporary endeavor launched to create a unique product or service. A project has a defined start and finish date. Examples include a development project to update a website or an infrastructure project to install new computer equipment.

What is Project Management?

Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to meet project objectives. Project Management is accomplished through the application of 4 processes (Initiate, Plan, Implement, Close) and their related activities throughout a project lifecycle.

What is Project Success?

Project success is measured within the constraints of scope, time, cost and customer satisfaction.

What is a Project Life Cycle?

A project life cycle is a framework that consists of a series of phases a project passes through from its start to finish. Initiate>Plan>Implement>Close

What is a Project Phase?

A project phase consists of related project activities and their associated deliverables. See the Project Lifecycle tab to view key activities and deliverables for each process group.

What is a Project Management Methodology?

A project management methodology is an overall approach, a systematic process, followed to implement the product or service outlined in the project. Examples include Waterfall or Agile methodologies used to implement a new software program.

What is a Project Stakeholder?

A project stakeholder is any individual who may be affected by the outcome of a project. A stakeholder could be internal or external to the organization. Examples include customers, vendors, functional managers, operations, consultants, or sponsor.

What is a Project Team?

A project team is a group of individuals who work together to execute the work of a project to achieve its objectives. It includes the project manager, team leads, and subject matter experts.

What is Project Governance?

Project governance is an oversight function that provides a method for controlling the project to ensure project success and alignment with organizational objectives. It includes a framework for making project decisions as well as documented policies and procedures.

What is a Project Plan?

A project plan is a central document that defines all the project work. It is a collection of all the subsidiary plans which include scope management, schedule management, cost management, communications management, risk management, and others.

What are Project Deliverables?

Project Deliverables are elements of output that occur throughout the lifecycle of a project. An example would be a project plan or a working piece of software.

What are Project Milestones?

Milestones are specific points within a project lifecycle where something will be produced or an event will occur. An example would be a completed project deliverable or a project review meeting.

What are Project Risks?

Project risks are uncertain events that may have a negative impact on the project schedule, scope, or budget. Risks and their associated mitigation strategy are identified early and managed throughout the projects lifecycle.

What is the OneIT Operations Team?

The OneIT Operations Team handles day-to-day coordination and change-management and ensures requests are managed by appropriate groups. Membership is primarily IT leaders. This group is charged with IT project and service communication and coordination, working within and through the IT governance process. 

What is the OneIT Strategy Team?

The OneIT Strategy Team receives recommendations and aligns strategies across councils. Members are council leaders and facilitators, and the Chief Information Officer. 


The role of the strategy team is to: 

  • Prioritize activities across councils 
  • Develop the Campus IT Strategic Plan (2-4 years) 
  • Develop IT Roadmaps (6-month) 
  • Align IT with campus strategic planning effort

What is the purpose of OneIT Governance?

OneIT Governance aims to: 

  • Improve communication and visibility of IT project and services 
  • Provide clarity on IT decision-making 
  • Align investments of money and time with strategy 
  • Minimize risk 
  • Broaden input from the campus community regarding strategic direction and priorities 

How do I get on the Project Insights schedule?

Send an e-mail to IT-PMO@uiowa.edu requesting to be added.  A member of the IT PMO will contact you to get you on the schedule.

Whom should I contact for OneIT Governance related questions?

If you have any questions related to OneIT Governance please contact the OneIT Riverguides at oneit-riverguides@iowa.uiowa.edu  

What is a Riverguide?

The role of the ‘Riverguide’ was established when the OneIT governance process was launched in September 2017.  They assist in guiding OneIT Staff through the governance process. Riverguides provide governance process oversight, communication, visibility of projects via the OneIT intranet and project insights sessions, and transparency, with a clear, consistent process for all.

What is a OneIT Council?

OneIT Councils have expertise in a specific domain, raise and collect  issues within that area of responsibility, analyze the issues, and make  recommendations. They engage other IT governance groups, UI governance groups, and general campus stakeholders, as appropriate. Members are subject matter experts, and each council has a chairperson and a facilitator. 

The six councils are:

Each council: 

  • Assists in setting the strategic agenda for domain-specific IT decisions 
  • Ensures that outcomes and priorities for each council are communicated back to the campus 
  • Leads domain-specific IT collaboration efforts across campus 
  • Ensures that appropriate stakeholders have opportunity for input and reaction 
  • Creates and charges subcommittees or task forces as needed for deeper exploration/engagement 
  • Advocates for necessary domain-specific IT resource allocations

How can I get in touch with a OneIT Council?

Look up the facilitator using this link, https://oneit.uiowa.edu/teams, and contact them via phone or email.