The four project teams are engaged and making steady progress, and now that those efforts are underway they will provide status updates at the joint OneIT Operations Team and HCIS Associate Directors meetings, rather than having a dedicated core team for integration. Cherwell: OneIT is in the process of implementing the IT service management platform Cherwell, and we anticipate IT staff will have access to it by late fall or early winter. Having a common platform will make it easy to pass tickets back and forth across healthcare and OneIT. A future phase of the project will introduce a customer portal so customers can initiate tickets. Skype for Business: Healthcare will manage the Skype for Business service for the entire campus, and everyone will move to Skype 2019. We are ordering equipment for the transition. Identity and Access Management: As an initial step in moving toward a single electronic identity (HawkID), in October we will start synchronizing healthcare/HawkID identities and passwords when healthcare users change their password. This will reduce confusion over which one to use. Office 365: OneIT will manage Office 365 for the entire campus, and everyone will move to Office 365. First-year medical students were migrated from the healthcare email system to Office 365 and that went  smoothly. Second- and third-year medical students will move in late September, and a schedule is being developed to move the rest of the healthcare accounts. Teresa Franklin has been named director of communication and collaboration in HCIS, effective Sept. 9, and we look forward to working with her on various initiatives.