Steady progress is being made in increasing collaboration across Health Care Information Systems and OneIT to foster success in teaching, research, and health care, and to meet growing demand for IT. A core team is meeting, charged with guiding integration efforts forward. Regular joint leadership meetings were established, and possible financial models for integration are in development. UI and hospital leaders agreed that integration is on the right track, with a long-term course to move to a single electronic identity and a single email and calendaring system, which will greatly improve the experience of faculty, staff, and students—especially those who interact with both health care and university IT systems. The pace of integration efforts is to be determined; options are being explored. The Cherwell IT service-management platform used by HCIS is being implemented for OneIT. Teams are working to build a single Cherwell instance so that tickets can be easily passed back and forth, and licensing negotiations are complete. A two-day retreat was held to focus on Skype for Business and Office 365, so that teams could work through technical challenges and gain a better understanding of each other's current setup for telephony and email services. The team reviewed seven models and is working on a recommendation. To clarify the mission and identity of OneIT, themes raised during the Big Ten Academic Alliance CIOs culture review of OneIT are being explored, and a discovery project is being initiated to investigate foundational questions that the community will need to address to define its identity and clarify what it means to be part of OneIT. The IT Project Management Office and governance groups continue to evaluate and refine the governance process to optimize its effectiveness.