To leverage data, research, assessment to foster student success, the learning analytics platform Elements of Success is being expanded for broader use on campus, and the Unizin Data Platform is being implemented. The UI continues to explore and Identify new uses of data for student success, particularly in the area of artificial intelligence/deep learning. A learning analytics community of practice will be established, and recommendations from the ACE Online course evaluations review will be implemented. Several tactics are underway to evolve and adopt flexible, effective learning environments. Staff are exploring technologies, support structures, and delivery opportunities associated with students bringing their own devices to class. A new digital media platform, Kaltura, is being expanded. Opportunities for online proctoring and testing will be explored if resources and funding allow. To support effective instruction, the Learning Design Collaboratory will continue to redesign courses and report on outcomes. Course-redesign efforts will also be supported through Provost’s Investment Fund initiatives. New development opportunities for mid-career faculty will be created.