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Project Software

  1. SharePoint
    Is a free program offered to faculty and staff that can be used for project management. Task tracking, project collaboration, and a document repository are just a few of the features offered with this program.

  2. Planner
    Is another free program offered to faculty and staff that can be used for light weight project management. This program is an add-on for Office 365. Planner enables users to assign tasks and track each from To-Do, In Progress, and Done.

Project Templates and Examples

The PMO provides a variety of templates to professionally manage any project. These templates will assist you throughout the life cycle of a project. Please reference the templates below:

Templates Examples Description
FileBusiness Case Template PDF iconBusiness Case Template

A business case captures the reasons for starting a project or task. It precedes the initiation phase of a project.  It is used to outline the benefits of the project, task or idea to the organization.  It can be presented in a well-structured written document, but may also come in the form of a short verbal agreement or presentation. The outcome of a successful business case is approval to initiate a project. 

FileProject Charter Template PDF iconProject Charter Example

A project charter announces that a new project has started and ensures your project gets off to the right start. It is the document you put together when you have received approval to initiate a project.  It is used to outline the scope of work and broadly defines the project deliverables, schedule and budget.

FileStakeholder Register Template    
FileProject Plan Template PDF iconProject Plan Example  
FileMeeting Minutes Template    
FileHMT3 Template    
FileStatus Report Template PDF iconStatus Report Example  
FileCloseout Report Template PDF iconProject Closeout Example